The Optimal Detailing team offers dealerships an effective affordable detailing solution that eliminates the challenges of monitoring and maintaining a detailing department. We have experience and know how to tackle many different dealership setups and can build a program that is just right for your dealership. Many dealerships face the challenge of maintaining a Detailing department simply because of the cost of hiring and managing professional employees, maintaining the quality of work provided by employees. The quality of the work and professionalism put forth by your detailing department can impact your business as much as your sales and service teams.

A partnership with Optimal Detailing can provide benefits to every department in your dealership - It may even help raise your monthly Customer Satisfaction ratings. Whether we service your New, Pre-owned vehicles or your dealership’s Service Department; we are confident that we can manage and organize your entire automotive detailing and washing needs. Our services allow your staff to focus on what they do best - selling your services and catering to your clients.

Our Dealership Services includes:


  • New Vehicle Preparation

  • Sold Vehicle Preparation

  • Sold Vehicle Protection

  • Service Department Detailing

  • Used Car Detailing

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