Ceramic Coating

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What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic Coatings, also referred to as Glass Coatings is a liquid polymer topcoat that bonds to the vehicles surface to protect a vehicles finish against UV and Chemical Damages. This provides a longer lasting “mirror finish” than a traditional wax or sealant can provide.

Ceramic coatings also provide the painted and other surfaces with hydrophobic properties to aid in vehicle maintenance. This extreme repellent surface allows dirt a debris to loosen from the paint with ease. While ceramic coatings aren't hard enough to withstand scratches, the slick surface minimizes friction between the mitt to provide some scratch resistance.

Ceramic coating benefits?

First benefit - you will get that showroom shine you once fell in love with.

But you also will get:

  • Hydrophobic properties, meaning self cleaning and water beading.

  • UV protection

  • Dirt protection

  • Salt protection

  • Chemical resistance